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July 31, 2020

Screening your guest for the success of your short term rental business

When you think about screening your guest, I’m sure the obvious comes to mind, which is avoiding parties or damages. But there are more important reasons why applying these filters before each reservation is so essential.

When you’re developing a listing, one of the main things you have to think about is; who is going to stay on my listing? Who am I getting this place ready for? Because that’s going to help you decide what type of amenities you need, what kind of furnishing you need, or any other things that you want to include in your short term rental.

A good example is: Let’s say that your target audience with a listing is a family, so you want to include a crib, toys for the kids, maybe some games for the children, some entertainment for the parents and different sorts of things that are going to make a family vacation more enjoyable.

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screening your guest for the success of your short term rental business
Who is going to stay on my listing? Who am I getting this place ready for?

Screening your guest to get your listing ready

If you have a beautiful listing and you made it packed with all the things that a family would enjoy but all of a sudden, you get a group of six young couples coming to your listing. Do you think they are going to find your listing as pleasant and as enjoyable as a family would? 

Probably not, because they’re probably looking for some other things, maybe a more robust surround system or shot glasses and some wine. So in the end, maybe due to some other factors like the pleasant environment they may have a  good time, but they are surely not going to make the most out of their stay. 

Screening your guest before his or her arrival will help you avoid the bad reflections on your listing. As a result, you won’t have to bear with those issues when the guest leaves your property.

The Mango House

Asking the right questions will give you a heads up!

It is essential that you ask the right questions and that you get your ideal guest to stay in your property because once they come into your listing, now you have this family that you’ve been preparing your listing for, they come into your listing. They find the crypt, the toys, the games that they want, and everything that makes the experience of staying at your listing a wonderful vacation.

Some of the questions you want to ask are:

  1. What is the purpose of your stay?
  2. Why are you interested in this property?
  3. Where are you traveling from?
  4. What is your experience with Airbnb or short-term rentals?

When a satisfied client lands on your property, you can ask him/her to give you the positive reviews, which will help you in getting more clients for your listing. This is because the more positive reviews you have on your listing, the more reputation badges you will enjoy, which in turn leads to more clients. No doubt, everyone wants to make his/her stay calm and healthy. 

Building great experiences for the independence of your business

Building referrals and that word of mouth customers are significant for the success of your short term rental business, you don’t only want to rely on the bookings portals and other aspects of your business, what you want to do is to build every process of your business so you can build a solid customer base. You can have those same customers returning to your properties.

Screening your guest is way more than just avoiding parties or damages to your properties, it also helps your short term rental company to build a solid reputation that eventually is going to help you scale the amount of good reviews you receive and the amount of money you charge per night on your listings.

These were the Stratton’s tips that we have applied for ourselves that have made us develop our listings and reach 500 reservations in just one year. 

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Alejandra Contreras

Operations Manager at Stratton Hospitality

Category: Tips for Hosts

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