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August 7, 2020

Optimizing your Airbnb for longer stays – Pt. 1

This post is inspired in Daniel’s V. Rusteen speech on Optimizing your Airbnb for longer stays at the Airbnb Hosts Miami Meetup held on July the 28th.

Optimizing your Airbnb for longer stays is something you should consider as travel behavior changes, and the rapid spread of remote work becomes the norm. But, what does this have to do with long term stays on Airbnb?

As Daniel V. Rusteen, author of the book Optimize your Bnb, predicts at his blog “…Airbnb makes it easier to travel, the internet makes it easier to work remotely. Coronavirus makes old-school employers understand it’s possible, people will choose to live outside of crowded cities and temporarily in one location”.

People around the world will adopt a nomadic lifestyle. The needs for both long and short term accommodations will be on high demand, particularly when the pandemic had been overcoming.

optimizing your airbnb for longer stays - guest opening his bedroom door

Getting your home ready for long-standing stays

Besides the obvious, there are some differences related to how you get your property ready for each type of guest. The experience between short and long term guests may differ based on their intention behind their stay. While some things won’t represent an issue for short stay guests. But for a guest staying thirty days at your home, these might represent a considerable concern. 

While a short term guest might be on the city looking for entertainment, a long-standing guest is probably at your property addressing personal issues, looking for a convenient location while performing a job, or just wanting to experience the city from a more local perspective. 

Avoid complaints from your long term guests

Not having a TV in your living room, or having a poorly equipped kitchen can be something annoying for a short term guest. Nevertheless, this won’t represent any problem either for your guest experience or your reviews. The reason is that most of the time, they will be getting around the city. 

On the other hand, for a guest that will be in your listing for a 30 days day, the gameplay is different. Your accommodation will be their home during that period. You want to guarantee they feel like at home. Allow them to enjoy a good TV show after work in the living room, or cooking dinner in your fully equipped kitchen for a special occasion. 

Having a positive guest experience will rely on the steps you’re taking in having your property ready for each type of guest.

Amenities your listing must have to serve long term guests

Must have amenities for your long term listing

If you’re seriously planning to make your way to long term renting, these are some go-to amenities you should include in your listing. 

  • Workspace area: Your listing will become the headquarters of your guests, and you want to offer them an adequate space to do their jobs since this is a vital component of their daily life.
  • High-speed internet: Having a high-speed and stable internet connection will allow your guests a seamlessly working experience. 
  • Fully-equipped kitchen: Keep in mind this is going to be your guest home for an extended period. Your overall guest experience will stand out by offering a complete set of kitchen utensils. You can include items like a coffee machine, a stove, and a dishwasher. 
  • Smart TV in your living room: While cable tv, seems to be unnecessary. Nonetheless, you want to make sure your guests can hookup their Netflix accounts to your TV for entertainment. 
  • Extra pillows for all sleeper types: When it comes to comfort, the bedroom is an essential component for every listing.  Not only a comfy mattress will make your guests rest peacefully, but having extra pillows will add the final touch. Back sleepers will prefer soft paddings, while side sleepers a firm one. 
  •  Blackout curtains: Investing in high-quality blackout curtains will help your guest sleep, principally if your home is a dense urban zone. 
  • An efficient water heater: Amenities like a water heater become crucial in place with cold weather. You must ensure the water heater supplies simultaneously as many bathrooms are in your home. Nobody likes to take a cold bath early in the morning. 

The downsides of long term rental

Long term rental offer to hosts a steady monthly income, and enough time ahead to work in your next booking. Nevertheless, there are many downsides of long term stays that you must identify to take action upon them. 

  • Higher wear and tear: Hosting a guest for an extended period will result in the consistent use of your home appliances. Nonetheless, this will later result in damages, deterioration, and extra money in maintenance expenses. 
  • Higher utility service bills: Your water and energy bills may come higher. You may want to establish a schedule for using the AC, and how often he should do the laundry to save energy. 
  • Squatters: There’s always the risk of having a guest that later refuses to leave your property. Get professional help to understand your city and state laws regarding tenancy rights. Get advice on what measures you can take to avoid having squatters at your property. 

As you can notice, optimizing your Airbnb for longer stays requires a deep understanding of your customer needs. It is essential to acknowledge the difference between getting your home ready for short and long term rental. 

Of course, there’s more implied in the process of optimizing your Airbnb for longer stays. Some of those actions include steps to perform better on Airbnb, the screening process behind a long-term stay, and how to elaborate effective home rules to avoid undesired incidents. 

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for part two of this series! Along with us learn how to optimize your Airbnb for longer stays. 

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Edgard Calero - Social Media Manager - Stratton Hospitality

Edgard Calero

Social Media Manager at Stratton Hospitality

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